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Why did I choose rescue ??? :Love the critters, but...

Well, today is one of those trial days when you question your sanity for deciding you wanted to rescue.  Our kitties had finally gotten over the Upper Respiratory Infection they had been passing around for months.  Seemed like forever when we were fighting it. We took in two little kitties one a  bottle baby.  We discovered that Bella had a URI and she passed it onto our Senior kitties who in turn shared it with the other cats.  So, we got the two babies adopted both Dixie and Bella after they got well and a bit older.  Now Maggie is sick and because she already has cancer her resistance to any illness is non existent.  So, the kitties are all sneezing, coughing and occasionally throwing up hairballs.  Oh, joy more laundry. 

Then, the big dog got sick.  He has a very sensitive stomach and as we have not had rain for a while and there is apparently a bit of thunder he decided that was enough for him to become very upset.  Yes, he is sometimes a bit neurotic.  So, he threw up then had an accident in the house.  More laundry with diarrhea from him everywhere.  Usually he is real good about letting us know when he wants out, but when upset he can't seem to help himself.   That was just the start of the day.  Then we wash the floor and change the puppy pad that Kissee Kat our blind kitty uses.  Then clean out ten cat litter boxes and wash all the food and water bowls.  Now, back to the several loads of laundry to be done.  In the meantime we are filling up clean water bowls and food bowls for everyone.  I love them all, but sometimes they sure do provide a full time job around here. 

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