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Meet some of our wonderful Seniors your donations assist. We have committed to providing them with the care their companion animals need so they never have to worry about giving them up. After their service to our country or their community we feel they deserve to have this peace of mind.

Jack and his dog Bear

Jack a Korean War Veteran adopted Bear when he was just a half grown pup. They have been inseparable ever since.

World war II veteran Robert

Robert's dog Scruffy

Robert is a 90 plus year old former pilot and World War II veteran. One of the last from the Greatest Generation. This is his baby Scruffy. He got Scruffy from us after losing his long time companion dog to cancer.

Me and my Grandma's dog Lucy Lu

Grandma was camera shy, but I agreed to hold her baby Lucy Lu for her. Lucy Lu was adopted by Grandma in 2012 and Last Chance Critter Rescue has helped Grandma out with her care and maintenance.

Millie and her two poodles Caesar and Cleo

Millie with Caesar & Cleo. We make sure they receive veterinary care, grooming and food too.

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