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Meet Us

We have been rescuing animals for over forty years each one loved and cared for from the day it is rescued through it's old age. All are given the best care possible. Primarily we care for cats, (baby kitties), puppies, dogs and some other animals as able. Some kitties, cats, dogs, and puppies we are able to find new forever homes. Previously our extended family all pitched in to support the rescue effort financially. As the circle has grown smaller we still wanted to continue our rescue work so decided to join the digital age by adding websites for our rescue and a greeting card business and also applying for our 501(c) 3 non profit status. We were told we did not bring in enough money to require this ( $ 28,000 per year minimum ), but without it folks cannot receive a tax deduction and also we found that many expected us to have that status to prove our legitimacy as a rescue. We have also been told it is necessary to make application for grants which we have no intention of doing at this time. We have navigated the complexities of filing all of the necessary paperwork. We are registered with our Secretary of State as a Non Profit Corporation Secretary of State ID # C3514905 & Attorney General Registry of Charitable Trusts CT0203172. We have been incorporated since October of 2012

We are accepting donations to assist with continuing veterinary bills as well as for our normal operating expenses. We currently have Maggie who has cancer specifically a squamous cell fibrosarcoma carcinoma. Ebony has ear problems as he was formerly feral and had bad ear mites and many fights which until he came here were left unattended. One of our kitties is over eighteen years young. We have two kitties who are fifteen and fourteen so they all require additional veterinarian care and special diets. Kissee Kat is blind and will not use a litter box so she has puppy pads that she will use instead, an expensive alternative, but better than using our rugs or floors. She is also diabetic.

Our big boy must have a special diet as he has serious digestive issues . Without specific food fed him he looses weight and has diarrhea constantly. We went through much trial and error before we found what he could tolerate and now that is all he is fed. He is under the mistaken impression that kitties are live furry toys and the kitties are not amused. He has been here about four years now and we have taught him basic obedience, but he is determined with these kitties. It is apparent that someone has taught him to chase and attack kitties and it is a work in progress to help him learn better manners. We are trying to raise the capital to purchase a larger fenced kennel area with a shade/shelter roof for him while he is outdoors, (we have one on our Amazon Wish List), to keep both him and the kitties separated. He is fine on a leash, but gets pretty excited when he is loose in our yard so he needs to be in a kennel area for now. Later we can use this for a new rescued animal. He seems to understand in the house with constant supervision that cats are off limits which is good.

Any amounts are greatly appreciated in these tough times as we know everyone has their own burdens to bear. The animals thank you for helping us care for them. We all work on a volunteer basis and no one draws any type of salary or other type of compensation so 100% of money received is used for our critters needs. We do not receive any government grants or assistance.

Donations are accepted securely through

Pay Pal by using the donate button. Your information is always kept secure. We never sell or give out guest information to anyone ever.

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Go Fund Me account is also available for our special projects.

Kitty cats that have been rescued Maggie, Kissee Kat and Keiko

15 years young Maggie, Kissee Kat (14 years), & Keiko (19 years)

Merlin I'm only 2 yrs old I was a feral cat before I was rescued at 4 weeks old

Merlin when he was a baby

Rescued kitty Cleo's baby Honey

Honey one of Cleo's babies and a permanent resident here

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