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Our Critters Adopted

into New Forever Homes

Tiger kitty dumped and then rescued and now living in a great forever home. A critter success story.

Tiger Kitty was dumped so his age is unknown. He appears to be a Senior kitty. He has not had the best dental care. He is very loving and affectionate; liking nothing better than curling up in your lap for a nap. He was adopted in 2006 by Harlan a Senior gentleman who spoils him with lots of love and treats.

Sargent Puppy an Akita & Chow mix dog

Sargent 5 Month old Akita Chow Mix puppy

Sargent has been adopted and is in a loving forever home with a former soldier recently returned from Iraq. He is thrilled with his new person and loves the fun they have together. His new person likes camping, hunting, fishing and lots of outdoor time in the mountains. When home they still go on plenty of walks and adventures together. A perfect match for both of them. We have been promised an update photo later of Sarge grown up.

Sargent all grown up

Sarge grown up.

I am called Tank by new Forever Family Born December 30, 2009

HI all! My new forever family calls me Tank & I am so glad to be adopted by them. I was born on 30th of December ,2009 and was adopted about eight weeks later. I have a older brother at my new home & we have great fun together. I get to go everywhere with my new family and they do seem to go many exciting places.

Nevaeh in her new adopted home

Nevaeh about seven years old in this photo was adopted into her new forever home in 2002. She has a great time with a brother also adopted earlier by the same family. There are children nearby for her to play with and other dogs as well. She shares her new home with a kitty and her brother. A really happy puppy and very loving.

Sad news we have been informed the Nevaeh has passed away. Her owner is deeply saddened and we send our condolences to her at this sorrowful time.

Rufus Adopted 2005

Rufus a Bichon Friese

Rufus was adopted in 2005 and is now eight years young. He lives with a nice lady and her adult son. They also have two cats and another puppy. He just got groomed in this photo and is looking very handsome.

rufus in his new forever home. A updated picture submitted by his new forever family.

Updated photo of Rufus. He is so happy in his new home.

Rescued and adsopted by a fantastic young college age man.

Tiffa is a sweet girl adopted by a young college age man. She loves hanging out and helping him study. He and she are inseparable.

Now rescued and with a family with kids and a yard. One happy puppy.

Adopted into a loving family with children to play with me and a nice large yard for fun and games.

Rescued and adopted by a senior lady who loves him to pieces.

Adopted by Senior lady so I get to be the only kitty and I will be super spoiled. August of 1998.

Rescued and adopted by a Senior lady

I was adopted by a nice lady who thinks I am really something special. kitty adopted 2000 new name is Purdy.. Sad news we have been informed that Purdy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Adopted September 2008 by young lady Kay in Pleasonton California

Buster adopted in September 2008 by a young lady who lived in Pleasanton.

Sbickers adopted by six children. One happy puppy.

Snickers July 2004 Adopted into a loving family with six children. I will never be lonely again.

Samuel yhe Profit August 2004 Adopted

Samuel the Prophet Adopted as a kitten photo submitted by his happy owner 18th of August 2004

Tiger IM000310

Tiger adopted when a baby photo taken October 2004

Loving companion of Mildred (permission given to use her first name)

Brianna formerly feral kitty saved by Last Chance and adopted Winter 2012

Brianna formerly a feral kitty had been here for over two years and she was finally friendly enough to be adopted. She now has a lovely family of a senior couple with their adult daughter. Lots of love to share with everyone. Adopted winter of 2012 just before Christmas.

Sparkles adopted

Sparkles rescued Fall of 2013 by Ashley

My name is Jack I was rescued in 2013

Jackson rescued Summer of 2013 by a family with eight children to play with him. He is a fantastic playmate for all of them.

Tigress Guinea pig

Tigress adopted fall 2013 by Ash and her family

Xena Kitty rescued

Xena Adopted summer of 2012 by Charles he is very fond of her.

Dixie bottle baby kitty Rescued

My name is Dixie I was a bottle fed kitty and Grace just adopted me November 2013.

Dixie kitty taken by her new forever family

Dixie and Mason

Update of Dixie by her new owners.

Bella Kitty rescued

Bella adopted by Logan November 2013.

Phil's Meow Kitty

My name is Meow Kitty I was formerly feral until I was found by Last Chance who found me a wonderful senior named Phil who was willing to take a chance on me. Now I am very loved and spoiled. I even like being in his house now. Adopted 2005.

Princess Meow Kitty now


Brand new photos of formerly feral Meow Kitty. She is now called

Princess Meow. Phil can hold her now and she loves her forever home.

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Jack born February 2009 into a family of nine puppies and adopted at eight weeks old. Adopted by a wonderful lady Monique who takes him many places. He even has a new brother to play with.

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Jack growing up. One happy puppy. Thank you for the update.

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Adopted Fall 2012

baby kitty rescued

Fritz adopted summer 2012.

Mama Kitty formerly feral mama kitty who loves her new forever home

Mama kitty rescued summer 1998. She lives with a nice senior


Lucy Lu and owner's grandson Maltese mix doggie

My Grandma's new rescued dog Lucy Lu a Maltese mix senior dog

She had serious dental issues which we are still addressing. 

Lucy Lu all cleaned up. Puppy had a veterinarian visit and a trip to the groomer.

Lucy Lu all cleaned up and after trips to the veterinarian and the groomer. She loves all this care.

Grandpa rescued me in the 1950's

Mitzie Grandpa rescued me in the 1950's

adopted by Aunt Margy in the 1980's

Kitties adopted by Aunt Margy in the 1980's

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