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We have missed all our visitors

We here have been very busy trying to get ready for spring & do all of the chores neglected during the cold rainy weather. Our animals are all well.  We have posted some missing critters on our Facebook page in hopes that someone will know them or have seen them.  We also post animals who are in need of new homes to help people touch base with each other. Check us out on facebook and remember to like us if you enjoy our site and page. We seem to have formally adopted on of the porch kitties as he has decided to spend most of his time in one of our chairs out there. He is a sweet kitty with a desire for lots of hugs and petting. He and Merlin have an uneasy truce going for now. Our Big Dog is doing well, better with his commands and the training we are able to give him.  He could still use formal training in future, but he is better. We have much to do today so will keep this update short.  We are sorry it has been so long since we have posted.  Many things to do and little time to get it all done. We will try to be a bit more quick with our posts.


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