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Tonight is Christmas Eve

We here at Last Chance Critter Rescue just can't believe that it is already Christmas.  The time has really flown by.  It seems we sure could use an extra 12 or so hours in each day.  The weather is finally sunny at least for the next day or so & we are busy trying to do all of the chores that get put off because of the wet rainy weather.  The kitties are really enjoying finding sunny spots to lay and soak up the heat.  Merlin kitty made an appearance on Tuesday, but still refuses to come in the house anymore.  We still do not know what is up with that.  He was bottle fed by us when a baby kitty so he is not afraid of humans.  He spent his first year and a half indoors with us and then he suddenly decided to choose to remain outdoors.  This despite our repeated attempts to entice him indoors.  The porch kitty we named Brianna is still hanging out and she tries hard to come inside any chance she gets.  Our Big Boy is happy he can have long walks without the rain.  We are all looking forward to tonight and the critters will all get their gifts with the evening meal.  It has been a good year thus far.  Thank you to everyone who has donated to help us care for all of the critters.  We will send a receipt to those of you who give us the information for that. Merry Christmas everyone from all of us and the Critters at Last Chance Critter Rescue.

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