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Today has been busy as always.  The normal chores take up quite a bit of time and there is always plenty of washing, walking, and feeding to do.  Then there are cat litter boxes to clean and all that goes with that. We spent some of our precious free time trying to add photos and biographies to our site. We have added one angel kitty and one new biography with photos. I hope someone is checking us out.  If you have been following us please sign the guest book so we know you are there or leave a comment on our blog.  Comments are always appreciated.

We still do not have the funds we need to get the vet care our animals need, but we are hopeful it will happen.  We are also still trying to get the outside kennel so we can put our Big Boy out there in a safe area from the kitties so they can learn to get along better they do fine indoors, but he does not seem to be able to tell that the outdoors has the same rules with regard to the kitties.  One of our future wishes is to be able to buy a used vehicle that would make it easier to transport the dogs to the vet as we currently have a pickup which works fine for the kitties, but is not so great for the dogs.  They are crated in the back for vet trips, but this is not so good in bad weather.


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