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Sunny Weather & more shopping

The weather is finally sunny and promising to stay that way for at least a few days.  We are busy cleaning the outside areas that we have been unable to do a good job on with all the rain.  Our Big Boy decided to eat his nice new dog bed he got for a gift so now we will need to buy him a replacement. That was definitely not in the budget right now.  He however, does not seem to understand that this is a problem. He seems to think it was all in fun.  Brianna the porch kitty is still here enjoying her cozy bed on the porch.  Our blind kitty has decided that she does not wish to share the kitty boxes with the other cats so we are going to have to buy puppy pads for her to use to keep her from making the carpets into cat box alternatives.  She began this odd choice after we brought the baby kitty Cleo into the group, but we thought we had gotten her past this.  Now it is apparent that she has regressed and once mere is deciding the carpet would be a good alternative. We are not amused by this. So, more expenses and more trips to Petsmart & or Petco for additional supplies. At least we can do this without constant rain. Well, Happy New Year to all and thanks to those who have signed our Guest Book so we know you are visiting.  


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