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rain is coming and winter approaches

We are trying to get things together for the upcoming rainy weather.  That makes all of the walks and outdoor time much more complicated. We had hoped to have our outdoor kennel with the weatherproof cover in place before this time of year so that the dogs could spend some time outside with us when we were doing chores there. We also feel that this will give the feral kitties a safe place to go in the back yard without fear of the Big Boy who still is learning his actual size (over 150 pounds), and who wants to play rough with any kitty he can catch. He has been told "Leave It" with regard to these kitties so often that I think he figures they are called "Leave It".  He is much better in the house, but we need him to be good all the time.  We are trying to get all of the stray feral kitties nice warm beds to use in dry locations outside so they can be warm and safe during the coming winter. We have had two crates donated for this purpose and they will be super with some fresh clean blankets for these feral kitties. Also will have to feed them more when it is cold as they need more food to keep healthy and warm. So, we are off to winterize all of the critters outdoor areas so they will be ready for the coming rainy wet miserable weather. Please sign our Guest Book when you visit our site so we know someone is checking in on us.  We will try to post a few more biographies and additional Angel Kitties to our site real soon.  Thank you for checking in on us. You can check the orange box on the left side near the Facebook icon and then you will get an update of the blog when we post. Thanks again from us & the critters.


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