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Quick Update & Hello to our new visitors

The weather has been great lately and we are trying hard to accomplish as many outdoor chores as we can before the rains come for the winter. Our kitty Merlin is trying to get used to being in the house again  after prefering outside most of the summer.  He did not like baby kitty Cleo and so was protesting by making himself scarce.  We had hoped that they would become friends as they are only about 1 year apart.  So far this has not happened, but we are hoping after Cleo is spayed maybe they will get along better. Our old mama kitty Maggie is finally adopting the baby kitty and now she grooms her as if she were one of her own. Cleo is a bit unsure about this, but has been accepting of it in small doses. We are still trying to get a graph together to show how our donations are being assigned.  Also trying to work out the logistics of getting our Senior assistance program together. So keep checking back and we will get it done soon. Also if you are reading our blog please leave a comment or else sign the guest book.  First names are fine and we promise absolutely that your email will never be given out to anyone for any reason it will stay with us only. Anyway, with the good weather the big dogs are getting a bath today while it is still warm outside. So for now must go.  Thanks for visiting and check back often.  We really will get more photos and info on our site soon.


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