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Folks, just a quick and very heartfelt thank you for all the support we have received since that TV attack.  We have worked very hard to develop our websites, card business, and even our Facebook pages.  We have also paid out a lot of money, (as far as we are concerned), to get all of our paperwork in order.  We will pursue this with the folks we had take care of it initially and post updates as we unravel the mystery of where the filed paperwork has gone to.  We put a lot of our own money and almost all of our time into our rescue work.  We cross post on our Facebook page as we have a large audience and can get the word out to many folks about animals in immediate danger. On our website we post information and some photos of the many animals we have helped and worked with over the years,  Please be aware that the actual photos often need to be scanned from the original photo to be published so we are way behind in getting that done.  We also have some correspondence from folks to scan and post which we are also behind on getting done.  We are working on that though and updating as often as we can.  Our website is a work in progress.  We do this for the love of the critters and definitely not for the money as there is always very little of that.  It is a great deal of work to keep up with all of this and add in this attack and we now have even more to have to deal with.  Will post a follow up soon.

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