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more nice warm sunny weather

We are pretty busy today.  Trying to take advantage of the warm weather to get outdoor chores done before the next rain & cold spell.

Big Boy Mister had a bit of a breakthrough this morning .  He came almost face to face with one of our kitties and while interested he did not get overly excited and lunge and bark as was his usual behavior. I will take what I can get.  I figure any progress is a big deal at this point. He is doing really well on his walks and is trying to learn that new people are fun and no threat to need to be neutralized. He is getting there slowly. We are definitely going to do a graph so that you can watch your donations grow as we try to raise the funds we need for our necessary projects. Well this must be short as there is a lot to do today for the critters.  Oh, there is also the voting to get in as well.  All the dogs and kitties are fine and seem to be healthy so far. Food is holding out as well as kitty litter.  Although the kitty litter will be the next item that must be restocked pretty soon.  Never ending the amount of stuff to do and purchase for the critters. Thanks for checking in on us.

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