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Just Five Days to Christmas

We are getting close to the Christmas Holiday here and things are very hectic.  Add to this the persistent rainy weather and it has been a bit miserable.  We have been busy getting all of the critters little Christmas gifts. Catnip mice for the kitties and for our big puppy a couple of new balls which he will have to wait to play with until the weather allows him to play outside without so much mud and wet weather.  He saw his first raccoon tonight on his walk and he very much wanted a closer encounter, but I know that would have not turned out well for him or the raccoon.  It was a very large raccoon. That was our excitement for the day.  We are busy mailing presents for the humans in our lives and trying to provide a few gifts for some folks with kitties who need a bit of help this season.  So far we have been able to help out a few.  Still trying to reach our goal to get out veterinary bills funds collected for the spaying & neutering we will need in the near future. After the holidays we should have some time to set up our graph so you can see how well we are doing on reaching our goals. Happy Holidays from our critters here at Last Chance Critter Rescue.

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