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Happy Belated Valentine's Day from ourCritters

Our critters had a great Valentine's Day. The kitties had some extra canned cat food and our dogs had some homemade chicken with rice added to their dog food. It was a fairly good day.  The weatherman had predicted rain, but it held off and all we had was some fairly strong winds.  Our Big Boy is doing well.  He hates the wind and does not seem to enjoy his walks as much with everything blowing around.  The kitties prefer to hang out in the house and just nap.  Our Merlin is finally coming into the house more.  He and the Big Boy have come to a sort of truce and they take turns sharing the back yard; but not at the same time.  We are still hoping for enough donations to afford some formal training for the Big Boy so he has better manners around other dogs and kitties.  He has learned that kitties are "leave It", but it would be nice if he ignored them on his own.  We are still hopeful that by spring we will be able to afford a nice big kennel area outside for him to enjoy our yard while he & the kitties stay safe. It would also be good for the garden as right now he has not yet learned that the plants are not to be walked on.  We have some strawberry plants and it is hard to teach him to keep out of that yard area. It is too early for the rest of the garden, but would love to have his kennel before we put in the garden. Our blind kitty is still using her puppy pads in front of the cat box as she refuses to use the litter box.  She uses about twenty pads a day as we put them down in threes so she has a good chance of hitting the pads and not the carpet.  Before we did this we were having to replace the carpet about three or four times a year, not to mention what it did to the hardwood floor underneath.  The pads are a bit of a large expense, but it makes it easier on all of us humans and critters.

Well, chores await as do the big dogs for their afternoon walk. Thank you for checking in on us here at Last Chance Critter Rescue.


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