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Foggy Days are here again

We are pretty excited here as we have had many new visitors to our Facebook Page for Last Chance Critter Rescue.  We sure hope some of our friends mark that they like our site so we can have more friends who like us. We also would love to have you comment on our blog or sign our guest book so we know you are out there. We are leaving our Christmas photos up for a bit longer as everyone has been enjoying them. We have added additional information to our site also a few more photos. We also are working on a page where we can post photos of some of our adopted critters.  We like to get folks permission before we do this so it is a bit slow going.  Also as we have been around for quite awhile we have many photos that are not digital so we need to scan them into our database so they can be added. Thank you all for your patience. We are trying to keep things interesting.  Our Big Boy has a new bed after eating the other one, well, not actually eating it, but chewing it for sure. The weather has been very foggy and damp.  They keep promising sunny days but it has not happened yet.  Last night on our evening walks it was very misty and damp.  Our baby kitty Cleo seems to not mind the rain and still wants to go out. She mostly sits on the patio area where she can observe the foul weather, but the rest of the kitties just want to stay inside.  Our Big Boy Mister has learned to shake hands now and does it repeatedly for a treat. Even when you do not ask he still gives it a try.  He is very food motivated. Anyway we are all hanging in here.  We are still working on a graph so you can watch our donations grow.  We are also still trying to get our Senior assistance program in gear as well.  Check back often to see what we are doing.  Thank you to all who have donated to help our critters they are all very appreciative.

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