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Current Information on Surprise Surprise

Folks,  our donations are way down after the problems we had with the one "Disgruntled Donor."  We must be doing good to only have one and he got his money refunded.  We just went over our website and it is all explained well exactly who and what we do.  We have reread our Facebook about section and that information is also clear and concise.  We do not post our physical address as when we did we had a huge problem with people just dropping off animals without our knowledge. We are a rescue and sanctuary and while we have fosters in many locations we are very careful about the animals we add to our group here as they all must get along.  We cross post many other shelters and rescue organizations on our Facebook page so that with our large audience we can help smaller organizations with less exposure get the attention they need to get their animals forever homes.

We are adding more photos to our adopted section as we have time  to scan photos into digital form so they can be posted.  We are working with our Seniors and we are hoping to get them to allow us to post some of their photos.  As a group they are a bit uncomfortable having their photos online for public display.  Their pets photos not so much.  For the Seniors who agree we will begin a Section on our website which will show some of those we assist.  

We have a inquiry into the state for them to try to locate our previously filed paperwork. Then we will begin to unravel the mystery of where we are listed.   Originally our family supported our rescue efforts themselves, but we decided to get into the digital age by creating a website and all the attendant things including acquiring our non profit status.  It has been a daunting task which we thought was completed, but guess there is still a bit more to do.  We are pretty proud of our websites.  We enjoy making the greeting cards and are looking for other products we can create to add to our shop in the future. 

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