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Critters could use a bit of help

Ok we have had a busy time of it since we last posted.  We are trying to get some kittens adopted for a senior who found a mama kitty. They might be able to keep the mama, but the six baby kitties are a bit too much.We have found four people willing to take four of them so if they follow through we only need to find homes for two mere. We have tentative commitments for these so will see if they are ok.  These are not super young and they are also not feral so it should work out ok. We also are in need of your prayers and other positive thoughts. We received a generous donation by check and the folks did not have the funds in their bank so now we must go to the bank to try to cover the payments made against the check and to see if they will reverse some of their fees which we incurred because of this. Not fun, but I am sure they meant well.  Still trying to come up with close to $ 1,000.00 to cover necessary vet bills for some of our critters. Glad we did not use the check for that.  Might have caused some ill will at the vets. We are also busy taking odd jobs to supplement our expense so have not had a lot of time to take care of our website as we would like to. We will keep you updated as often as we can.


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