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Critter Updates

Well, the morning chores are complete.  The big Boy went for about a 21/2 mile walk which is about normal.  The older girl does not go so far anymore.  Bunny should be happy with fresh kale, grass, Timothy Hay and water.  All the kitties are fed and happy. We had our usual kitties on the porch and today there was one more.  I am pretty hopeful he is just visiting and that he belongs to some neighbor who will call him home.  In a couple of hours it will be time to do it all again for the evening feeding time.  So far we have gotten a little help toward that new kennel we are hoping to get before the winter rains come down so that our big Boy has his new shelter to enjoy his outdoor time after his walks.  This will hopefully get him more used to our rescue kitties so he needs less supervision when they are both out or in the same space together. I am hopeful that will help them both to get even more used to each other. He is told " leave it" so often about the kitties I think he may think that is their name.  Well, off to complete animal chores; cat boxes and cooking more rice and chicken for our sensitive eater. Then more walks and to bed for the day.

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