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critter updates

All is calm on the home front for the critters.  Our big Boy is relaxing after a long walk this morning.  He saw the kitties and as usual barked loudly at them.  The baby kitty is not fazed by all the noise she just sits and watches him.  This seems to really set him off as I think he wants a game of chase the kitty.  The blind cat will sit and watch him, but she is unaware of his huge size.  The older kitties just give him a wide berth and want no part of his nonsense. He is hanging out in the yard and hoping for his new kennel area soon. He loves to follow us around as we do chores and seems content as long as someone is there to pay attention to him while he is playing. He was confused when we turned the garden soil as he was used to seeing all the tall plants and now that area is bare. I think he wanted to play in the dirt with us, but was not allowed.  He loves to eat the grass for some reason. Maybe he thinks he is part cow.  Just kidding but he does sort of graze on the longer grasses. Well, he is anxious for another walk so will need to close for now. Thanks for checking us out here we love hearing from you.  We will be posting more photos of our rescued critters both current and former as time goes on so check back often.


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