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Critter Updates

Today is a good day for the critters.  Cleo kitty is being nice to Maggie and not trying to chase her about the house.  They are finally bonding a bit which has taken a great deal of time. Kissee Kat the blind kitty and Maggie's baby cat is not very fond of Cleo. Cleo is too playful and she does not understand why Kissee Kat seems to always be staring at her. So she pounces and Kissee Kat gets very mad and hisses or runs.  If she runs then baby Cleo kitty thinks the game is on. Big Boy, the dog, is hanging out in the yard and enjoying our nice warm fall weather.  He is still very interested in the kitties and barks loudly whenever he gets a glimpse of them. Our stray kitty on the porch we have named Brianna and she seems to like the name. She does respond when you call her by it.  Merlin is very shy since we got the big dog.  He was used to Rosie, but she didn't react to the cats so she was less threatening.  He does not seem to find the Big Boy exciting at all preferring to give him lots of distance whenever he is in the yard or walking about anywhere.  Hopefully in time they will all settle down and learn to accept each other. It has always worked that way in the past so I have hope it will now as well. 


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