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Christmas is so very close

The Holiday Season is so much fun all the gifts to buy & wrap & ship.  Then there are the more magical aspects, the snow , caroling, and visiting friends & family you seldom see.  We are busy with all of the daily chores, feeding, cleaning and walking the beasts.  The rain has finally let up for two whole days; they say and we are busy trying to get done all of the stuff the rain makes very difficult if not impossible to complete.  When it is so rainy and damp it seems as if everything is damp & never completely dries out. Today the kitties are enjoying the bright sun and just finding sunny spots to lay and soak up the heat.  The Big Boy is enjoying late night walks as he can avoid the more stressful aspects of walking like other dogs & too many people.  He is doing really good, but we are still hopeful that there will be money for his neutering and some professional training soon.  He will benefit a lot from the training as I am sure they will have insight into any issues he might have.  He is such a sweet dog and always wants to please so that makes it a lot easier. We were hoping for a visit from one of our volunteers today so we could go get mass quantities of cat litter from the Costco store in our area.  However, everyone is very busy with their Holiday plans so not available.  Guess it is up to me to schlep the cat litter home myself.  Costco has the best price and large cartons, but that means they are a bit on the heavy side. However, the cats will not wait for some later time to use their boxes.  Well, duty calls once again and there are innumerable chores to be done once again.  So, it is off to the Costco store and then onto the chores.  Seems as if there are never enough hours in the day for all that needs to be done.

Thanks for visiting and again please sign our Guest Book so we know we have visitors. The animals thank you for checking up on their progress. Bye for now from our critters at Last Chance Critter Rescue.


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