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busy days; new assitance program for Senior Citizens

The weather here has been great.  Sunny and warmer than usual for this time of year.  Big Boy got a new XXL bed that is supposed to be chew proof.  We will see even though he is no longer a puppy he still loves to chew on soft things.  Very strange, but bones and hard rubber bones, Nyla bones, or harder rubber balls do not interest him at all.  He will destroy oversize tennis balls and the like very quickly. I have tried to explain to him that these darn things are a bit costly to just chew up,but he is not impressed.

We are going to begin a program to help Seniors with pets to be able to feed and care for them.  We will in future have a way to assist fixed income Seniors with the expenses that their pets incur.  This might be to help with yearly vaccines and flea or tick medicines and basic food necessities for now.  With the tough economy there is even more of a need for this.  We are in the planning stages mostly, but have helped two elderly clients with kitties who needed food and flea drops.  We also assisted one senior with food & worm medicine for their furry cat friend. We feel this is a good cause as Seniors benefit from the companionship of pets, but often must choose between the animals needs or their own.

So, while we are still in need ourselves here we are also trying to benefit others in our community.


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