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Busy days

Our black feral kitty is still pretty wild, but is getting veterinarian care.  He is still pretty wary of most people, but will let us touch him gently for brief periods. Slowly we will build his trust in people.  We have great hopes that he will become a companion animal some day and maybe find his forever home when it is time. We have good news too.  Our feral kitty Brianna who has been with us almost three years now is finally tame enough that she got a new forever home with a loving Senior couple and their adult daughter.  They are great folks and true animal lovers so she will get lots of love and wonderful care with them.  It was so worth it to see how much they love her.   We try to always work toward the long term rehabilitation of our feral kitties so that they can find  loving homes with caring people. So far so good we have never had one returned or any trouble with the ones we find forever homes for. Thank all for your prayers, help with the critters, and donations to keep us open so we can help more critters.  Will post back when time allows.  We have had two senior volunteers have medical issues that has prevented them from helping out as they use to.  Makes for lots more work, but always worth it. 

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