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animal additions

Today or should I Saturday as it is nearly midnight we had a busy day as usual.  The big dogs were walked.  They both had longer walks then usual as it worked out there was a bit of time for that. Then it was back to do laundry to wash the beds and blankets the animals sleep on. This is done quite frequently. After that chore it was on to cat box cleaning as they need this twice daily.  Then the food dishes had to be cleaned, this too is a twice daily chore to keep the animals healthy. Quite a bit of time was devoted to updating the website with additional information about the animals.  We now have a Biography section where you can see photos of the animals. So far just one kitty and one puppy are listed, but I will be adding more kitties and dogs as I can make the time.  I hope to hear from all of you who are checking in so I can see what you think about our work here. Thank you for your care about the critters and your interest in our rescue site. Hope to hear from you all soon. Sign our guest book before you leave so we know you have visited.  Thanks again for checking in on all of us.

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