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A little sun alot of cold

We had such cold temps this morning that there was ice on our trucks and roofs. One of our outside small water bowls actually froze. We were a bit surprised. They are threatening cold again tonight.  Not looking forward to that at all. The evening walks will be very cold for sure. We did actually get sunshine for some of the day and then it became hazy turning cloudy and tomorrow it might rain again. Our Big Boy Mister really enjoyed a nap outside in a sunny spot. Our porch kitty Brianna was thinking about coming inside this morning as I think she did not like the cold. We have been blessed with some more donations from some generous loving people and the critters thank you very much for thinking of them and sharing.  Our Cleo kitty, the baby has finally decided to be cuddly instead of so isolated from us all. She was a feral and was rescued by a kind person who found her and her mom with other kitties in his backyard of his new home.  We will post her history to our site with a current photo in the near future.  She is a very unusual kitty.   Our kitty Merlin still refuses to come in, but he sits on the porch and cleans when you go out to call him in. We need to get to our evening chores so will close for now.  Thank you for checking in on us and the critters here at Last Chance Critter Rescue.


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