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The sunny weather is still holding at least for now

Hello all.  The animals are all doing well.  They are glad for another day of sunshine & weather that is still fairly warm and sunny. The Big Boy is currently lounging in the yard after his morning walk. He is currently on a chain so he will not chase the kitties, but we have promised that we are trying hard to get him a new kennel area where he can run safely and not hurt the kitties.  He so wants to chase & play with them. They are not too happy about that.  They have been used to our other dogs  who did not care much about cats.  Big Boy was a rescue and he is not as well behaved as was presented to us when we took him. He is learning & trying hard to remember all of the rules for getting along with the other critters, but it is hard for him.  He is having a hard time with impulse control and we are working on that many times during the day.  he has learned to walk nicely on a leash for the most part & now knows sit, wait, stay, lay down off, and Leave It; which he hears quite often. He is told leave it with regard to the kitties and in other instances where he would like to chew or dig at things he should learn to leave alone.  He is anxious to please so we are hopeful that in future he will be a good fit here with all of he other critters.


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