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busy busy everyday

Life is hectic here with the animals.  The sojourner kitties are still hanging on the front porch and one a pretty Tabby who answers to Brianna has made herself right at home.  Our Big Boy puppy dog is finally learning to ignore her if he sees her when he is going for one of his walks.  The other sojourner kitty a big black cat with ears like a Scottish fold type of cat, well sort of like that is not so lucky.  When the Big Boy sees him (might be a him), he gets pretty excited seems he wants a game of chase the kitty.  Does not seem to completely upset kitty, but he is a bit more wary after being barked and yipped at. We are still working on the Big Boy trying not to be so vocal.  When he is in the yard for a bit he whines and yips like a little puppy which is I am sure annoying to our neighbors as well as to myself.  If I am outside with him he will not do this, but the minute you close the back door he starts right up.  He has toys of many kinds so he should not be bored. Maybe separation anxiety? I sure hope not. He will have enough upcoming bills with the neutering and updates for his shots and such.  The baby kitty Cleo is the one we need to have spayed. She was a feral and is still pretty wild. She is really pretty and you can see her on our slide show. Don't forget to look at our Biographies to learn more about all of our critters.  


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