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Animal Blog

October 2013

Finally a little time to post

We finally have a few seconds to add a short post here. Not sure if anyone reads these.  We are still dealing with the Upper Respiratory Infection.  Seems like we just about get all the kitties healthy and one of them starts to get it again.  After cleaning six cat boxes, washing lots of pet bedding, cleaning ten water bowls, and fifteen food bowls we are pretty caught up for the past week.  Garbage goes out tonight too.  Seems like one is always feeding or cleaning something.  We are getting set up to start getting our card orders ready for the upcoming Holidays  and hope to get many orders this year,  Last year was a bit slow, but we have great hopes for this year.
Well, there is meowing going on so must run see what is up with that.  Will try to find a second to post soon.
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