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June 2013

Critter Updates

Folks, just a quick post to say hello.  We are still seeking donations to help care for all of our many critters.  As most of our long term residents are special needs for various reasons; medical, age, temperament, or behavioral they also come with special costs.  Our blind kitty who is diabetic refuses to use the litter box, but after many different trials of different ways to solve her problem we have finally taught her to use puppy pads for her litter box.  Expensive, but way better then the carpets or floor.  Maggie is our kitty with cancer, her information is here on our website, she is on meds and blood tests etc. but holding her own.   Our big dog has serious dietary issues so needs a very specialized diet so he will stay healthy and keep his food down and digested.  Any deviation from this and he gets almost instantly sick.  Our other big dog is very old so she eats mostly wet food and just a tiny bit of moistened kibble.  Our Merlin also gets a special diet to manage his weight and still allow him to eat as much as he should.  so, we spend a lot of time and considerable expense making sure each one of our long term residents gets exactly what they need.  They have a forever home here where we make all the accommodations necessary to be sue they have a fantastic life for as long as they have.  Well, kitties are thinking they need to be feed in the middle of the night so must close for now.  Soon another day will begin full of many chores. 

Update on the Critters and our Seniors

We are still trying to come up with the funds needed to pay our May and now June veterinary bills.  Due to the continued bad economy our donations are way down.  We have however received some very helpful and unusual donations. One was a gift card to be used in a drawing to help promote more donations for us.  Another was a gift of advertising for our Facebook page also in hopes of helping us receive more exposure and donations.  These were very creative gifts which were really innovative and much appreciated.   We also have received several checks in lieu of Pay Pal donations which we deposited in our Last Chance Critter Rescue bank account to help with the veterinary bills. Maggie our kitty with cancer, more about her on our website; is doing ok.  Kissee Kat her baby and our diabetic kitty gets her meds daily and she is doing well.  Currently we have Nine resident kitties and three feral kitties we care for daily.  Then we have two big dogs who also reside here.  One elderly who requires a special diet. 
Our seniors now consist of one gentleman with a dog named Bear,
a senior lady with a kitty that has seizures so requires medical care, a senior lady with three ten plus year old kitties she rescued, and a senior lady with a little dog she takes everywhere .  We are still committed to helping these Seniors with their pets so they can continue to keep them.
Well, duty calls in the form of feeding, meds, cat boxes and laundry to clean bedding and such.  Will check back later.
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