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May 2013

New Ideas

We have an exciting new idea presented by one of our volunteers.  They have donated a $ 50.00 gift card which they want us to use in a drawing on 30th of June the entry into this drawing is a donation of
 $ 25.00 or more.  All folks donating that amount in May or June will be entered into this drawing.  We have not had many entries yet so your chances of winning are pretty good.
The critters are doing well, even the special medical needs kitties.  As long as they get their medical care they are able to do well. 
We need to get to cleaning out kitty boxes, puppy pads, and then onto feeding all the critters.  Seems like the chores are never done.

Our long delayed update

Folks, It has been quite a while since we have posted. The critters keep us very busy.  Some of our best volunteers have had to cut back on their time with us due to their own personal needs.  So, we are even more pressed for any free time.  Maggie is still hanging in there and you can read more about her condition in the About Us section of our website. We are still in need of funds for all our special medical needs kitties.  We still have our program to help our Seniors with their food and medical needs.  We spend a lot of money on veterinary bills and food the rest we spend on more of the same.  We are still hoping for a large kennel area for our big dogs when funds allow.  We would also like to thank the person who donated the $ 100.00 Costco gift card.  We were able to use it for our kitty litter purchases and it really helped us out a lot.  We also really appreciated the Petsmart gift cards as they were used for food and more puppy pads for our blind kitty.  Thank you all for your prayers and donations they are greatly appreciated by the critters.
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