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Animal Blog

March 2013

Happy Spring & A Thank You to All

Hello folks!  We have made it through the worst of the winter weather and with Spring here we are beginning some needed improvements as money and time allow.  All our critters are getting their ongoing veterinary care as each requires.  Because we take in many animals that would be unadoptable for health or behavior reasons our costs are even higher to keep them all healthy and thriving.  I want to be sure to thank everyone who has helped us with this endeavor.  Each donation or gift card for pet food is very much appreciated and always needed.  Because of your generosity we are able to continue to care for all the animals we have committed to.  Our Senior Save A Pet outreach had also been able to help Seniors keep their pets by providing them with pet food and veterinary care for their animals.  As these folks are Seniors many of them have Senior pets who require special diets or more extensive veterinarian care which Seniors on a fixed income are unable to afford on their own.   So, your donations help us help them with their pets too.  Well, must get back to the chores around here as they are never ending.   
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