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January 2013

New Year's Update

Folk, we made it to 2013.  Things are hectic here with the cold weather as we have lots of critter bedding to clean.  That and the critters stay indoors more to avoid the cold weather.  We did not quite meet our financial goals for last year.  Still have to make good on our veterinary bill  as we promised.  Facebook makes it much harder for us to reach our Fans and to find new friends as they are trying very hard to do everything for profit with a eye on any way to make money off of the folks who depend on it to reach out to people.  They even advise you if they feel you are posting too much on your own pages. Anyway all here is ok and the critters are getting by.  Maggie is still sick, but holding her own.  Cleo seems much better and is due for a follow up in about another week.  We will post again as time allows.  Happy New Year to all.
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