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Animal Blog

December 2011

Cards are everywhere around our rescue

This post is just to check in for a second. We are really busy now trying to keep our website updated with fresh content, creating our handmade Christmas cards and the daily chores taking care of the critters. We are also trying to help our local shelter a bit. We are still working with our Seniors to keep them supplied with food and make sure their vet appointments are made and that we can pay for it. Very busy, but wouldn't have it any other way. We are so glad we are getting card orders coming in. Sometimes only one a day, but that is at least something. We are hoping that folks will like our Christmas cards and order more of other types for future dates. We will make them for all Holidays and for get well, thank you, moving or all occasion as the requests come in. well, that is about all we have time for right now. Keep checking back we are constantly evolving.
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