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Animal Blog

September 2011

Keeping in Touch

Here is a update on our new fundraiser Coffee for Critters. We had some good interest in August and it realy helped out. Had one of our Senior Ladies Bessie take her kitty in for his shots and checkup. Thank you for that. September is starting slow with no new pledges, but we are hopeful. We have hopes that by receiving small amounts from many it will not be too much of a hardship for any one person to bear. Our animals are doing well.  We have not yet gotten the outside kennel for the big dogs to play in when the kitties are also out. We had hoped for it by spring or early summer, but perhaps by next year. We have a couple of additional feral kitties we are feeding  and caring for since our last post. We have another senior who has requested assistance, but have not been able to add any more folks as we need to honor our commitments to the folks we have already pledged to help. Currently we have three Seniors we help regularly. We want to post their photos, but they are a bit camera shy so we may end up just posting their kitties photos instead.  We are getting the place set up for the rains and cold weather which is sure to come soon. Will try to update soon. Our critters thank you for visiting.
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