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August 2011

checking in

Hello all. We are working hard to promote our latest fund raiser.  Coffee for Critters. We have had some positive response and are hopeful that those who are pledging will follow through with their pledges. It is great to know  some of what to expect each month. We are also trying to keep our website updated, answer email submitted,
post requested to our Facebook page, and run things here at the homefront. Usually we seem to be a bit behind in all of this and do apologize for that.  We are short on volunteers as folks are struggling to do their own stuff with the economy being what it is. We are very grateful to those who are still helping out as they can as even a little bit adds up to a lot if there are lots of little bits. Our critters are healthy and for that we are thankful. We are in a rush today, must go food shopping for the critters. Will post again soon.

Finally Updating our news

Great news we were able to find homes for the last two baby kitties. Our senior lady has agreed to keep the mama and we have committed to helping her with food and vet bills as they occur. We have received almost seventy five percent of the money from new donations that was lost due to the bad check issue.  We have such great loyal friends out there. So, we are trying to figure out a fund raiser event to maybe make up the balance and to support some of the other programs we started. Our Senior assistance program is helping five seniors so far who would have otherwise had to give up their beloved pets due to financial issues. We have been able to continue to support this, but there are more in need. We are trying to not make promises to anyone we are unsure will be able to keep in our program as we do not want to break someone's heart with a unkempt promise of future support. So far it has been successful. We also have a new kitty who is very old and is eating only wet food as she has a teeth issue which will later need vet care to resolve. Our other permanent residents are doing very well. Our Big Boy is finally learning to leave the kitties alone somewhat. It appears he was taught to chase cats as he responds when he hears the word cat or kitty. Not good, but we are letting him know that it is no longer a option. We are very fortunate to be able to still have our website hosted for not too much so we are still here. We also are getting lots of likes and visitors at our Facebook page which is really great. Will try to post more frequently in future.
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