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March 2011

pet food and such shopping

Hello, all.  We are doing fine here at our Last Chance Rescue.  Our animals are all healthy and enjoying the nice weather. We have had a few rainy days, but we have also been blessed with some nice sunny weather as well.  We went shopping for all of our essentials today.  What a shock, our bill is always over $ 250.00, but this time it was even higher than usual.  We found our usual kitty litter is now in a new supposedly improved package that now weighs 35 lbs instead of the 30 lbs it used to weigh; now this is even harder to lift.  Do not see the advantage in this as price has also increased.  Our dog food was not on sale this trip and the puppy pads we use for our blind kitty have gone up $ 15.00.  Yikes!  We are still able to help the seniors we have committed to helping so far which is a special blessing for us.  We are grateful to all of you who have so kindly donated as it is really needed now.  We still are trying to come up with funds to spay the baby kitty and get our Big Boy neutered.  We are also still trying to get enough for our new kennel fencing. We are going to try to post a graph so you can see how close we are to our stated goals.  Thank you to all of you who are following us here for your continued interest.  We love all of the guests who sign our guest book and who write to us here.  We are a bit behind in our correspondence but we will get to everyone who has written to us here.  Each of you is important to us and we will respond as soon as we are able.  Greetings from all of our critters.
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