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January 2011

Cold Rainy Weather is here again

Our critters were so happy to have about two weeks of mostly sunny weather and some unseasonably warm days.  Now we are having drizzle and much colder weather. Our Big Boy Mister is not happy about this.  He loves his long walks and is getting really good at leaving the various critters we meet alone.  He will become hyper vigilant and then he hears "leave it" and he has finally decided that it is ok to do that. He will look in the direction of the animal then at me then back to the animal then you can see him decide that he is going to ignore it after all.  Merlin has finally decided that being inside with everyone is not so bad and he has been gracing us with his presence much more often. We appreciate those who have left us messages or recently donated to our critters.  Also thank you to those who have posted to our Facebook page as well.
If you send us us an email we will try to respond to each one personally.  Please be patient we will get to you as soon as possible. Also thanks to those of you who have added info to our Facebook page to help the critters.  Please try to include as much info as able so that folks know where you are located.  That way someone who can help will be found more quickly.

Sunny Weather is here for a while

We have been busy doing all of the outside chores that get neglected when the weather is so foul. With the sunny days all of our animals are enjoying finding their favorite places to take long naps and enjoy the beautiful weather. We have had to go buy more puppy pads for our blind kitty to use and cat litter for us and the Seniors we help out. We are sincerely trying to get that program an official graph so if you want you can designate your donations to help the Seniors.  Our goal with that is to allow them to be able to keep a cherished pet even if their finances have changed and they could not otherwise afford it.  We are currently taking care of two Seniors with kitties.  We are providing flea medications, food, litter and yearly shots.  In future we hope to be able to provide additional vet services for them as well.  We are also working on our graph for our other goals, the large kennel, neuter for our Big Boy, spay for our baby rescued feral Cleo. Thank you to those of you who have donated, to those of you who have visited us here or on our Facebook page and to those of you who have friended us or liked us or added us to their favorite pages.  We sure appreciate you helping get our word out to everyone. Our Critters here thank each of you who gave a bit of their valuable time to visit with us here. Check back soon we will be updating constantly.  Email us your favorite critter's photo and we will post it in our Fan Photos page on our Website.

More foggy Weather

Today is a busy day.  We are trying to do the outside chores despite the continued foggy weather.  We had one day that was nice and sunny after the fog cleared and now the fog never leaves.  We are off to the Petco & Petsmart for kitty food, treats for the big dogs, kitty litter, and rabbit food as well. After that it is back to evening meals for all our critters and walks for the big dogs. Then we are caring for a local dog whose person has gone out of town so that is another trip to visit & care for him.  Our Kitty Cleo loves to sit in my lap as I work on the computer and she has finally learned not to step on the keyboard while I am trying to get the site updated and posted.  That makes things go a bit more smoothly. Well, much to do so will close for now.  Thanks for checking in on us here at the Last Chance Critter Rescue the critters say hi and thanks for all for your help.

Sunny Weather finally so glad for that

Hey, all.  A quick post as it is almost time to walk the big dogs and feed everyone.  Our Big Boy Mister has enjoyed the sunny weather just laying you in the sun and soaking up some rays. The kitties too are napping in any sunny spot they can find.  Merlin is still being very elusive and the new black kitty is not helping that much.  Our porch kitty Brianna has decided to growl at our Cleo kitty and we are teaching her that that is not acceptable if she wants to remain a guest here. 
We are adding more photos here and on our Facebook page. That is Last Chance Critter Rescue if you want to check it out. If you visit please like our page or our site here so we can get good ratings in the search engines.  They like to see likes and comments and also visitors on our Guest Book so don't  be shy.  First names only are ok and we never give out any of your info ever to anyone.
Also on Facebook as well as here we have posted a photo of our Aunt Margy who began this work many years ago.
Thanks for visiting us and the critters at Last Chance Critter Rescue.

More kitty visitors have arrived

We have a new huge black kitty who arrived this past week. He is very shy, but if you ignore him he will not run very far.  Then he just sits and stares at you.  He is not Merlin's favorite kitty and so that is a bit of a temporary problem.
A quick note of thanks for those of you who sent in photos of their previously adopted pets for our web site. We have many photos that were not digital so that makes it a bit quicker.  That and we have so very many photos archived that your emails make it an easier selection process.  Check back her often and we will try to add as many of our success stories as we can. All of you have made this possible.
Our Big Boy had more wet rainy walks today which did not make him very happy.  He shakes off the water as he is walking even when it is not very much, which is a bit funny to see.
Anyway, have much to do so will keep this short. Thanks for visiting us here at Last Chance Critter Rescue. Our animals are thrilled you are checking up on them.

More rainy weather today

Hello all.  We are having more rainy weather and it seems like a long time since we have had a series of sunny days.  The critters seem to be taking it in stride.  I think they are resigned to damp wet weather.  Merlin kitty finally came in very briefly this morning to get some moist kitty food. He did not stay long as he is apparently overwhelmed by the baby kitty, Cleo. She is a bit too playful for him.  At least he did come in for a bit and that was encouraging. He was bottle fed by us so it is a bit odd that he is so skittish.  Our Big Boy Mister is content to just hang out for now.  He is not real excited by more walks in the rain.  We are blessed to not have the snow storms they are having on the east coast so will not complain too much.  It could definitely be much worse.  We have had lots of new visitors and are really happy you choose to visit the critters for a bit.  Please take a sec to sign our guest book or post on our Facebook wall at Last Chance Critter Rescue so we know you have visited.  Also we would be honored if you decided to like our site as we are trying to get as many likes as we can.  We are trying to add new content frequently so please keep checking back.  It is slow going with all that is involved with the daily critter care.  We are still trying to get our graph done so you who have so kindly donated can see how our goals are being reached. Thank you to all of you who have given of your time to visit us here at Last Chance Critter Rescue. Also thank you to those of you who have given funds in such hard financial times.  It is very much appreciated.

A little sun alot of cold

We had such cold temps this morning that there was ice on our trucks and roofs. One of our outside small water bowls actually froze. We were a bit surprised. They are threatening cold again tonight.  Not looking forward to that at all. The evening walks will be very cold for sure. We did actually get sunshine for some of the day and then it became hazy turning cloudy and tomorrow it might rain again. Our Big Boy Mister really enjoyed a nap outside in a sunny spot. Our porch kitty Brianna was thinking about coming inside this morning as I think she did not like the cold. We have been blessed with some more donations from some generous loving people and the critters thank you very much for thinking of them and sharing.  Our Cleo kitty, the baby has finally decided to be cuddly instead of so isolated from us all. She was a feral and was rescued by a kind person who found her and her mom with other kitties in his backyard of his new home.  We will post her history to our site with a current photo in the near future.  She is a very unusual kitty.   Our kitty Merlin still refuses to come in, but he sits on the porch and cleans when you go out to call him in. We need to get to our evening chores so will close for now.  Thank you for checking in on us and the critters here at Last Chance Critter Rescue.

Foggy Days are here again

We are pretty excited here as we have had many new visitors to our Facebook Page for Last Chance Critter Rescue.  We sure hope some of our friends mark that they like our site so we can have more friends who like us. We also would love to have you comment on our blog or sign our guest book so we know you are out there. We are leaving our Christmas photos up for a bit longer as everyone has been enjoying them. We have added additional information to our site also a few more photos. We also are working on a page where we can post photos of some of our adopted critters.  We like to get folks permission before we do this so it is a bit slow going.  Also as we have been around for quite awhile we have many photos that are not digital so we need to scan them into our database so they can be added. Thank you all for your patience. We are trying to keep things interesting.  Our Big Boy has a new bed after eating the other one, well, not actually eating it, but chewing it for sure. The weather has been very foggy and damp.  They keep promising sunny days but it has not happened yet.  Last night on our evening walks it was very misty and damp.  Our baby kitty Cleo seems to not mind the rain and still wants to go out. She mostly sits on the patio area where she can observe the foul weather, but the rest of the kitties just want to stay inside.  Our Big Boy Mister has learned to shake hands now and does it repeatedly for a treat. Even when you do not ask he still gives it a try.  He is very food motivated. Anyway we are all hanging in here.  We are still working on a graph so you can watch our donations grow.  We are also still trying to get our Senior assistance program in gear as well.  Check back often to see what we are doing.  Thank you to all who have donated to help our critters they are all very appreciative.

Sunny Weather & more shopping

The weather is finally sunny and promising to stay that way for at least a few days.  We are busy cleaning the outside areas that we have been unable to do a good job on with all the rain.  Our Big Boy decided to eat his nice new dog bed he got for a gift so now we will need to buy him a replacement. That was definitely not in the budget right now.  He however, does not seem to understand that this is a problem. He seems to think it was all in fun.  Brianna the porch kitty is still here enjoying her cozy bed on the porch.  Our blind kitty has decided that she does not wish to share the kitty boxes with the other cats so we are going to have to buy puppy pads for her to use to keep her from making the carpets into cat box alternatives.  She began this odd choice after we brought the baby kitty Cleo into the group, but we thought we had gotten her past this.  Now it is apparent that she has regressed and once mere is deciding the carpet would be a good alternative. We are not amused by this. So, more expenses and more trips to Petsmart & or Petco for additional supplies. At least we can do this without constant rain. Well, Happy New Year to all and thanks to those who have signed our Guest Book so we know you are visiting.  

Happy 2011 New Year

Hello all.  Happy New Years to everyone.  Thank you all so much for all you have done to help us take care of our critters. We are working hard now that the Holidays are past to set up a graph so you can see where we stand in our efforts to get the spaying and neutering done we need for our kitty and puppy.  He  is a bit huge for a puppy, but he thinks he is still a puppy.  We will also show where we are with regard to the large kennel we are hoping to purchase as well as our progress in our program for Seniors who want to keep their cherished pets, but are needing a little help with the costs involved.  We had to do a food shopping trip this past week and as usual can't get out of there for less than $ 300.00 us dollars.  It is amazing how quickly it all adds up. We have received donations from as far away as England and Australia  as well as here in the states and each one is needed and appreciated very much. Every little bit helps out our animals in some way so thank you. We survived the New Year's evening festivities without too much drama although the Big Boy Mister did not like the fireworks,the yelling loudly by neighbors, nor the rain which began just after ten last night.  I must agree that I too am tired of the rain, but it is much better than snow.  We are hoping for some sunny weather in the next week or so so everything can dry our around herd and we can also do some serious cleaning up outside. So, mus close to do more chores, but will check back soon.  Keep checking back we will  be adding more things soon.
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