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December 2010

Tonight is Christmas Eve

We here at Last Chance Critter Rescue just can't believe that it is already Christmas.  The time has really flown by.  It seems we sure could use an extra 12 or so hours in each day.  The weather is finally sunny at least for the next day or so & we are busy trying to do all of the chores that get put off because of the wet rainy weather.  The kitties are really enjoying finding sunny spots to lay and soak up the heat.  Merlin kitty made an appearance on Tuesday, but still refuses to come in the house anymore.  We still do not know what is up with that.  He was bottle fed by us when a baby kitty so he is not afraid of humans.  He spent his first year and a half indoors with us and then he suddenly decided to choose to remain outdoors.  This despite our repeated attempts to entice him indoors.  The porch kitty we named Brianna is still hanging out and she tries hard to come inside any chance she gets.  Our Big Boy is happy he can have long walks without the rain.  We are all looking forward to tonight and the critters will all get their gifts with the evening meal.  It has been a good year thus far.  Thank you to everyone who has donated to help us care for all of the critters.  We will send a receipt to those of you who give us the information for that. Merry Christmas everyone from all of us and the Critters at Last Chance Critter Rescue.

Just Five Days to Christmas

We are getting close to the Christmas Holiday here and things are very hectic.  Add to this the persistent rainy weather and it has been a bit miserable.  We have been busy getting all of the critters little Christmas gifts. Catnip mice for the kitties and for our big puppy a couple of new balls which he will have to wait to play with until the weather allows him to play outside without so much mud and wet weather.  He saw his first raccoon tonight on his walk and he very much wanted a closer encounter, but I know that would have not turned out well for him or the raccoon.  It was a very large raccoon. That was our excitement for the day.  We are busy mailing presents for the humans in our lives and trying to provide a few gifts for some folks with kitties who need a bit of help this season.  So far we have been able to help out a few.  Still trying to reach our goal to get out veterinary bills funds collected for the spaying & neutering we will need in the near future. After the holidays we should have some time to set up our graph so you can see how well we are doing on reaching our goals. Happy Holidays from our critters here at Last Chance Critter Rescue.

Christmas is so very close

The Holiday Season is so much fun all the gifts to buy & wrap & ship.  Then there are the more magical aspects, the snow , caroling, and visiting friends & family you seldom see.  We are busy with all of the daily chores, feeding, cleaning and walking the beasts.  The rain has finally let up for two whole days; they say and we are busy trying to get done all of the stuff the rain makes very difficult if not impossible to complete.  When it is so rainy and damp it seems as if everything is damp & never completely dries out. Today the kitties are enjoying the bright sun and just finding sunny spots to lay and soak up the heat.  The Big Boy is enjoying late night walks as he can avoid the more stressful aspects of walking like other dogs & too many people.  He is doing really good, but we are still hopeful that there will be money for his neutering and some professional training soon.  He will benefit a lot from the training as I am sure they will have insight into any issues he might have.  He is such a sweet dog and always wants to please so that makes it a lot easier. We were hoping for a visit from one of our volunteers today so we could go get mass quantities of cat litter from the Costco store in our area.  However, everyone is very busy with their Holiday plans so not available.  Guess it is up to me to schlep the cat litter home myself.  Costco has the best price and large cartons, but that means they are a bit on the heavy side. However, the cats will not wait for some later time to use their boxes.  Well, duty calls once again and there are innumerable chores to be done once again.  So, it is off to the Costco store and then onto the chores.  Seems as if there are never enough hours in the day for all that needs to be done.
Thanks for visiting and again please sign our Guest Book so we know we have visitors. The animals thank you for checking up on their progress. Bye for now from our critters at Last Chance Critter Rescue.

Food & Supplies Shopping for the Critters

Happy Holidays from all of the critters.  We are pretty busy right now trying to do all the people stuff for Christmas and also do all of the related chores for the animals.  We went shopping today for supplies and boy talk about sticker shock.  It was another $ 300.00 plus trip. Our Big Boy had to get a new bed, he had tried to eat his a while ago & so we found a more pricey one that is supposed to be more chew proof.  We also had to buy food for the bunny & the kitties as well as the dogs.  There was also training treats for our Big Boy as he is still being trained several times a day.  He is doing really good.  He is able to not go completely crazy with excitement every time he sees a kitty.  He still thinks they are toys to chase or chew, but has finally figured out we & the kitties do not share his opinion. We are honestly trying to get our Senior assistance program running & have been helping one Senior lady with her routine vet bill & some Frontline for her kitty. He has also gotten a Christmas gift of a new comfy bed and some cat food and treats.  That sure made their day.  We are hoping for more visitors who will sign our Guest Book or who might take a minute to comment on our blog so we know you are out there and interested in us & the critters here.  Hope you are all having a nice Holiday Season.  We will be updating as we are able so please check back often.  Thanks from all of us here at Last Chance Critter Rescue

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A quick update. The weather here is rainy and a bit miserable right now.  Makes for not a fun time outside. Walks are also difficult as the big dog is not to keen on getting wet when walking. The kitties are confined to the house mostly which does not make them happy either.  Our Merlin kitty is still refusing to come in despite all of the rain.  He is at the neighbors right now, but they know we want him home.  The porch kitty we have been caring for is still hanging out and seems to be happy enough. She has a warm kitty bed in a travel crate on the porch so she is warm and dry. We have decided to name her Brianna and she does come to that name so it must suit her. Well, more chores are calling so must close.
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