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November 2010

Turkey Day is past

Well, along with the big rush to get a Turkey Day turkey actually cooked; we also had to do another run to the pet food store for food for the critters.  Boy, that is always so very costly. They did get some Turkey Day special food so they could also enjoy the Holiday as well.  The weather here has been very cold & rainy pretty often.  That makes the walks for the big dogs a bit more of an expedition as they need to get dried off when we get back. Right now the rain has passed although there are still chain requirements in the mountains until this evening I have heard.  Our porch kitties are hanging out in their warm beds we set out for them and seem to be doing ok.  One of the kitties would like to come in, but I know that would be a hassle for sure.  I do not think the kitties already here would like a new visitor right now.  They visit through the screen door and that works fine for now.  We are still trying to convince Merlin cat that he does want to be indoors during this cold weather, but he is so far having non of it no matter what we try. He seems to prefer the back yard to the warmth of the great indoors.  Very strange as he was bottle fed when we first got him so he has been a pampered kitty for about two years now. Suddenly he wants to be wild. We are going to keep working on it & see if we can convince him pretty soon.  Thought our recent cold spell would have done the trick.  We have apparently had some new visitors, but no one has signed the guest book so it is a bit hard to tell.  We sure would appreciate it if you would so we know we are reaching someone out there. Our donations are coming in slowly and thank you to all who are helping with that it is a big help during this recession right now.

Quick Update & Hello to our new visitors

The weather has been great lately and we are trying hard to accomplish as many outdoor chores as we can before the rains come for the winter. Our kitty Merlin is trying to get used to being in the house again  after prefering outside most of the summer.  He did not like baby kitty Cleo and so was protesting by making himself scarce.  We had hoped that they would become friends as they are only about 1 year apart.  So far this has not happened, but we are hoping after Cleo is spayed maybe they will get along better. Our old mama kitty Maggie is finally adopting the baby kitty and now she grooms her as if she were one of her own. Cleo is a bit unsure about this, but has been accepting of it in small doses. We are still trying to get a graph together to show how our donations are being assigned.  Also trying to work out the logistics of getting our Senior assistance program together. So keep checking back and we will get it done soon. Also if you are reading our blog please leave a comment or else sign the guest book.  First names are fine and we promise absolutely that your email will never be given out to anyone for any reason it will stay with us only. Anyway, with the good weather the big dogs are getting a bath today while it is still warm outside. So for now must go.  Thanks for visiting and check back often.  We really will get more photos and info on our site soon.

busy days; new assitance program for Senior Citizens

The weather here has been great.  Sunny and warmer than usual for this time of year.  Big Boy got a new XXL bed that is supposed to be chew proof.  We will see even though he is no longer a puppy he still loves to chew on soft things.  Very strange, but bones and hard rubber bones, Nyla bones, or harder rubber balls do not interest him at all.  He will destroy oversize tennis balls and the like very quickly. I have tried to explain to him that these darn things are a bit costly to just chew up,but he is not impressed.
We are going to begin a program to help Seniors with pets to be able to feed and care for them.  We will in future have a way to assist fixed income Seniors with the expenses that their pets incur.  This might be to help with yearly vaccines and flea or tick medicines and basic food necessities for now.  With the tough economy there is even more of a need for this.  We are in the planning stages mostly, but have helped two elderly clients with kitties who needed food and flea drops.  We also assisted one senior with food & worm medicine for their furry cat friend. We feel this is a good cause as Seniors benefit from the companionship of pets, but often must choose between the animals needs or their own.
So, while we are still in need ourselves here we are also trying to benefit others in our community.

more nice warm sunny weather

We are pretty busy today.  Trying to take advantage of the warm weather to get outdoor chores done before the next rain & cold spell.
Big Boy Mister had a bit of a breakthrough this morning .  He came almost face to face with one of our kitties and while interested he did not get overly excited and lunge and bark as was his usual behavior. I will take what I can get.  I figure any progress is a big deal at this point. He is doing really well on his walks and is trying to learn that new people are fun and no threat to need to be neutralized. He is getting there slowly. We are definitely going to do a graph so that you can watch your donations grow as we try to raise the funds we need for our necessary projects. Well this must be short as there is a lot to do today for the critters.  Oh, there is also the voting to get in as well.  All the dogs and kitties are fine and seem to be healthy so far. Food is holding out as well as kitty litter.  Although the kitty litter will be the next item that must be restocked pretty soon.  Never ending the amount of stuff to do and purchase for the critters. Thanks for checking in on us.
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