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October 2010

critter update & visit to feed store

Today has been a busy day as usual. Feeding time for the kitties & dogs, including our big boy with his special diet for his very sensitive stomach. All the kitties get a bite or two of canned cat food, but they mostly eat dry kibble cat food. The canned cat food is divided between five or so of the cats. We have two who are actually not too keen on canned cat food, they like dry kitty food. The dogs got their walks in and of course that is about an hour and a half job. Then it was off to the feed store, which is always a not so pleasant surprise as the costs are high. We managed to escape after spending just over three hundred dollars which is good for dog food, cat food, bunny food, cat litter, and fish needs. I took a volunteer with me to help with carrying all the cat litter and food bags.  That was a lot of help.  Then it was back home to put it all away.  The little kitty Cleo is always looking for treats or new toys when we go to the pet food store, but this time she was disappointed as I did not want to spend the cash.  She will have to look for some live mice to play with.  She decided to settle for the older kitties, which has not made them too happy. So, now it is off to clean the cat boxes and clean dog areas etc.
All the animals here say hello to all of you. Check back soon. Sign our guest book so we know you are out there.

Critter Updates

Today is a good day for the critters.  Cleo kitty is being nice to Maggie and not trying to chase her about the house.  They are finally bonding a bit which has taken a great deal of time. Kissee Kat the blind kitty and Maggie's baby cat is not very fond of Cleo. Cleo is too playful and she does not understand why Kissee Kat seems to always be staring at her. So she pounces and Kissee Kat gets very mad and hisses or runs.  If she runs then baby Cleo kitty thinks the game is on. Big Boy, the dog, is hanging out in the yard and enjoying our nice warm fall weather.  He is still very interested in the kitties and barks loudly whenever he gets a glimpse of them. Our stray kitty on the porch we have named Brianna and she seems to like the name. She does respond when you call her by it.  Merlin is very shy since we got the big dog.  He was used to Rosie, but she didn't react to the cats so she was less threatening.  He does not seem to find the Big Boy exciting at all preferring to give him lots of distance whenever he is in the yard or walking about anywhere.  Hopefully in time they will all settle down and learn to accept each other. It has always worked that way in the past so I have hope it will now as well. 

critter updates

All is calm on the home front for the critters.  Our big Boy is relaxing after a long walk this morning.  He saw the kitties and as usual barked loudly at them.  The baby kitty is not fazed by all the noise she just sits and watches him.  This seems to really set him off as I think he wants a game of chase the kitty.  The blind cat will sit and watch him, but she is unaware of his huge size.  The older kitties just give him a wide berth and want no part of his nonsense. He is hanging out in the yard and hoping for his new kennel area soon. He loves to follow us around as we do chores and seems content as long as someone is there to pay attention to him while he is playing. He was confused when we turned the garden soil as he was used to seeing all the tall plants and now that area is bare. I think he wanted to play in the dirt with us, but was not allowed.  He loves to eat the grass for some reason. Maybe he thinks he is part cow.  Just kidding but he does sort of graze on the longer grasses. Well, he is anxious for another walk so will need to close for now. Thanks for checking us out here we love hearing from you.  We will be posting more photos of our rescued critters both current and former as time goes on so check back often.

Critter Updates

Well, the morning chores are complete.  The big Boy went for about a 21/2 mile walk which is about normal.  The older girl does not go so far anymore.  Bunny should be happy with fresh kale, grass, Timothy Hay and water.  All the kitties are fed and happy. We had our usual kitties on the porch and today there was one more.  I am pretty hopeful he is just visiting and that he belongs to some neighbor who will call him home.  In a couple of hours it will be time to do it all again for the evening feeding time.  So far we have gotten a little help toward that new kennel we are hoping to get before the winter rains come down so that our big Boy has his new shelter to enjoy his outdoor time after his walks.  This will hopefully get him more used to our rescue kitties so he needs less supervision when they are both out or in the same space together. I am hopeful that will help them both to get even more used to each other. He is told " leave it" so often about the kitties I think he may think that is their name.  Well, off to complete animal chores; cat boxes and cooking more rice and chicken for our sensitive eater. Then more walks and to bed for the day.

feeding time

Morning and all the critters are awaiting their breakfast. One big dog has digestive issues so he needs rice and chicken with his dog food every meal. One kitty is young so she gets kitten food.  Our oldest cat gets her special diet for her nutrition needs and finally the rest are fed. This will include a couple of additional strays who have decided that our porch is their best hope of a free meal. With the bad economy some folks just leave their cats when they move from the home they have lost. Guess they figure it is better than a shelter. We have a nice shelter in town so do not see the logic to this, but I am sure they have much to be concerned about if they are dealing with loosing their home. Well, must get to the feeding chores & the dog walking this is about a two hour process twice a day.