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October 2010

Halloween is here & the weather is actually quite nice

The remainder of Friday was cold, wet, and rainy.  Ditto for Saturday
although by really late evening it was finally not rainy or even drizzling.  Today the weather is really sunny and nice.  We here always like the nice weather. Kitties like to lay in the window sills and soak up the sun.  The big dogs love to go for long walks and then enjoy some time in the yard just laying in the warm sun.  The porch kitties are still here & they have even brought one more friend to share their food.  I am hoping that this is temporary.  Our Big Boy has finally decided not to get so excited about kitties.  Today he was in the yard and he was so much less reactive so I have hope that he is finally coming around with regard to the cats.  Baby kitty Cleo is having her own Halloween as when we got out the Halloween themed bowl for the treats she promptly curled up in it.  I went to get the camera, but of course by the time I got that all set she was off to something else. They are hard to photograph when they seem to know you want to get their picture being cute. We are still trying to reach our goal for the vet bills for the two Cleo kitty & the Big Boy.  We are also still working on getting funds for the kennel. Thanks again for those who have donated for one or the other. We are thinking of starting a graph page so you can see your donations grow as we wok toward our goals.  We are grateful for having more free time with our professional jobs being so slow right now as it gives us more time for the animals, but it sure makes it hard for us to cover all  of the expenses as we have always tried to do in the past.  We are so appreciative of all of you who are passing out the information to others and to those of you who have donated to help out.  We will continue to post more information to this blog as well as more photos of those rescued animals who have new forever homes.  We will also have more photos and biographies and even more angel kitties to add so keep on checking our blog and site.   We are trying to update the blog daily and get more info on the site as well.  Thank you for being there for us. The critters at Last Chance Critter Rescue

A quick Thank You from the folks at Last Chsnce Critter Rescue & the animals

We are settling in for more rainy weather and cold.  We here much prefer the sunshine, but know that rain is necessary for crops & such. The big dogs have had their morning walks and are getting ready for their supper and evening walks.  The kitties are trying to stay warm and dry inside.  They really do not like wet, rainy, cold weather at all.  We are so thrilled to see that there are people reading about us and signing our guest book.  Hopefully some of you like reading the blog & the updates.  Big Boy had turkey with his supper last night as we were making chicken/turkey noodle soup for th humans here. The dogs love to get the scraps mixed into their dog food for a treat.  Kitties not so much they prefer their canned food and kibble to people food. This weekend is promising to be sunny and hopefully warm enough for a bath for the dogs.  We are also getting ready for Halloween here.  Figuring out some critter themed treats to pass out & some biscuit treats for the dogs.  Well, we are close to time for the walks and the cat box chores so must close for now.  Thanks for checking in on us we are always thrilled to hear from folks.

The sunny weather is still holding at least for now

Hello all.  The animals are all doing well.  They are glad for another day of sunshine & weather that is still fairly warm and sunny. The Big Boy is currently lounging in the yard after his morning walk. He is currently on a chain so he will not chase the kitties, but we have promised that we are trying hard to get him a new kennel area where he can run safely and not hurt the kitties.  He so wants to chase & play with them. They are not too happy about that.  They have been used to our other dogs  who did not care much about cats.  Big Boy was a rescue and he is not as well behaved as was presented to us when we took him. He is learning & trying hard to remember all of the rules for getting along with the other critters, but it is hard for him.  He is having a hard time with impulse control and we are working on that many times during the day.  he has learned to walk nicely on a leash for the most part & now knows sit, wait, stay, lay down off, and Leave It; which he hears quite often. He is told leave it with regard to the kitties and in other instances where he would like to chew or dig at things he should learn to leave alone.  He is anxious to please so we are hopeful that in future he will be a good fit here with all of he other critters.

We have visitors Yeah!

We are so glad we are getting so many visitors to our site.  Hopefully they are reading our blog and checking out all of the animals and what they are doing.  We have recently gone to the market and purchased some nice organic kale for the bunny.  It is one of his favorite things to eat. The sojourner kitties are still hanging out with us on the front porch and they seem to like the crates we made into beds for them.  The baby kitty Cleo is not happy about the rain we just had nor the fact that there is more to come in just about a day. She misses laying in the sun in the back yard and also finding leaves and bugs to chase.  The dogs also are not thrilled with the change of seasons as it means many more walks in the cold rainy weather and no time to just hang out in the yard soaking up sunshine.  We are still hopeful that we will be able to do some improvements around here soon.  We are putting funds aside also for the vet bills for our baby kitty and our Big dog.  Thanks to those of you who have helped.  Every donation is so appreciated.  We will be sure to put it to good use for the animals. We will let you know when we reach one of our gaols for the animals.  Well, big dogs need walking.  All of the critters have been fed, cats boxes attended to and fresh bedding added to the beds for the porch kitties. Now to do more laundry and such after the big dogs get there walks in. Busy days as always, but well worth it. Thanks for reading.

finally sunny weather

Well, the sun is finally out so it is time to
start getting things dried out a bit.  The day was great cool, but sunny and a bit windy which helped to dry things out more. The Big Boy dog prefers the dry weather on his walks and the kitties are happier when they can go out in the backyard and enjoy some sunshine for a bit. Baby kitty Cleo is also much happier when there are sunny days as she likes to have adventures in the backyard and chase the leaves and such.  We are still hoping for a new kennel area for the big dogs before the really severe weather is here.  The Big Boy is still puppy enough that he will chew and get into things if left alone for any amount of time.  That is if he is not yipping for attention.  That and he still wants to chase the kitties if he is not supervised very closely. So, a kennel area where he and kitties are both safe is the best option for now. Our Merlin kitty is adverse to going in the yard at all since the Big Boy came to stay as he is terrified that the dog will catch him if he is anywhere near there.  We are still hoping for time to resolve this whole cat chasing problem.  We are in hopes that eventually the Big Boy will learn that he and the kitties both live here and that kitties are not to be bothered. I have never had an issue with any of the other animals I have rescued in the past that was not eventually resolved with much time and patience. I have hopes that once he is neutered he will also calm down a bit more.  Also am hoping for some professional training for the Big Boy in future when money allows for this. Other than that all is pretty quiet here. The usual chores and such as well as twice daily long walks for the big dogs take up most  of our time. Thanks again for checking in on our critters. We are thrilled to hear from you if you would like to comment or sign our guest book.  Keep checking back we will keep everyone updated on our progress.  Also the website will be updated with more biographies and photos of all of our critters as we can make the time to do so.

Rain has arrived along with wind

The anticipated rainy weather has arrived.  We are not as prepared as we would like to be and it is going to be a bit of a struggle these next few days as we figure out what will need to be done to further allow for the animals comfort in the bad weather.  we have two crates on the front porch areas for our sojourner kitties so if they need it they have a dry place to sleep out of the bad weather.  Our inside kitties are hunkered down and just seem to decide that sleeping is a good way to pass the time until the sun shines again.  The dogs are having to settle with walks in the rain several times a day as it is way to wet & muddy for any backyard playtime. The bunny is content to wait out the wet weather as well.  He will wait till it is nice for any yard time outside.  The fish is not concerned as he is unaffected by the weather & content to just be cared for as usual.
So with this wet weather we have added chores as there is more wet muddy puppy paws to dry and more rainy walks to dry out from, but otherwise all is well. We will need to close for now to take care of feeding and cat boxes and then more walks will be in order.  Thanks for checking us out. We hope to hear from you in our comment section or our Guest Book so we know you are listening or reading as the case may be.

rain is coming and winter approaches

We are trying to get things together for the upcoming rainy weather.  That makes all of the walks and outdoor time much more complicated. We had hoped to have our outdoor kennel with the weatherproof cover in place before this time of year so that the dogs could spend some time outside with us when we were doing chores there. We also feel that this will give the feral kitties a safe place to go in the back yard without fear of the Big Boy who still is learning his actual size (over 150 pounds), and who wants to play rough with any kitty he can catch. He has been told "Leave It" with regard to these kitties so often that I think he figures they are called "Leave It".  He is much better in the house, but we need him to be good all the time.  We are trying to get all of the stray feral kitties nice warm beds to use in dry locations outside so they can be warm and safe during the coming winter. We have had two crates donated for this purpose and they will be super with some fresh clean blankets for these feral kitties. Also will have to feed them more when it is cold as they need more food to keep healthy and warm. So, we are off to winterize all of the critters outdoor areas so they will be ready for the coming rainy wet miserable weather. Please sign our Guest Book when you visit our site so we know someone is checking in on us.  We will try to post a few more biographies and additional Angel Kitties to our site real soon.  Thank you for checking in on us. You can check the orange box on the left side near the Facebook icon and then you will get an update of the blog when we post. Thanks again from us & the critters.

todays news

Today has been busy as always.  The normal chores take up quite a bit of time and there is always plenty of washing, walking, and feeding to do.  Then there are cat litter boxes to clean and all that goes with that. We spent some of our precious free time trying to add photos and biographies to our site. We have added one angel kitty and one new biography with photos. I hope someone is checking us out.  If you have been following us please sign the guest book so we know you are there or leave a comment on our blog.  Comments are always appreciated.
We still do not have the funds we need to get the vet care our animals need, but we are hopeful it will happen.  We are also still trying to get the outside kennel so we can put our Big Boy out there in a safe area from the kitties so they can learn to get along better they do fine indoors, but he does not seem to be able to tell that the outdoors has the same rules with regard to the kitties.  One of our future wishes is to be able to buy a used vehicle that would make it easier to transport the dogs to the vet as we currently have a pickup which works fine for the kitties, but is not so great for the dogs.  They are crated in the back for vet trips, but this is not so good in bad weather.

busy busy everyday

Life is hectic here with the animals.  The sojourner kitties are still hanging on the front porch and one a pretty Tabby who answers to Brianna has made herself right at home.  Our Big Boy puppy dog is finally learning to ignore her if he sees her when he is going for one of his walks.  The other sojourner kitty a big black cat with ears like a Scottish fold type of cat, well sort of like that is not so lucky.  When the Big Boy sees him (might be a him), he gets pretty excited seems he wants a game of chase the kitty.  Does not seem to completely upset kitty, but he is a bit more wary after being barked and yipped at. We are still working on the Big Boy trying not to be so vocal.  When he is in the yard for a bit he whines and yips like a little puppy which is I am sure annoying to our neighbors as well as to myself.  If I am outside with him he will not do this, but the minute you close the back door he starts right up.  He has toys of many kinds so he should not be bored. Maybe separation anxiety? I sure hope not. He will have enough upcoming bills with the neutering and updates for his shots and such.  The baby kitty Cleo is the one we need to have spayed. She was a feral and is still pretty wild. She is really pretty and you can see her on our slide show. Don't forget to look at our Biographies to learn more about all of our critters.  

animal additions

Today or should I Saturday as it is nearly midnight we had a busy day as usual.  The big dogs were walked.  They both had longer walks then usual as it worked out there was a bit of time for that. Then it was back to do laundry to wash the beds and blankets the animals sleep on. This is done quite frequently. After that chore it was on to cat box cleaning as they need this twice daily.  Then the food dishes had to be cleaned, this too is a twice daily chore to keep the animals healthy. Quite a bit of time was devoted to updating the website with additional information about the animals.  We now have a Biography section where you can see photos of the animals. So far just one kitty and one puppy are listed, but I will be adding more kitties and dogs as I can make the time.  I hope to hear from all of you who are checking in so I can see what you think about our work here. Thank you for your care about the critters and your interest in our rescue site. Hope to hear from you all soon. Sign our guest book before you leave so we know you have visited.  Thanks again for checking in on all of us.
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